Call for Developers (Was: Re: The Website)

Charlie Root root at
Wed Mar 31 20:52:13 PST 2004

> 	now hes been differentiated and is targetted specifically by
> 	being presented with case studies and other information that
> 	tells him that others have done similar things and that a decision
> 	he is making is likely to be low risk, cost effective, and has a
> 	positive outcome.

	I didn't think of it at the time but case studies don't have to
	specifically mention FreeBSD. If the study is platform neutral
	then a link can still be made between what method was used and the
	ability to use that method on FreeBSD.

	For instance, a Perl success story about a particular solution and
	knowledge that Perl runs on FreeBSD will reinforce the notion that
	FreeBSD can be part of the solution.

	I'm just trying to enlarge the pool of Advocacy material that
	could be used.

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