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Jeff Jirsa (HMC) jjirsa at
Tue Mar 30 09:30:30 PST 2004

> I believe I was the one that requested a core sanction. The reason is I
> remember when this thread came up before... It's difficult to go out and
> start doing something and dedicate alot of time when you are not
> absolutely sure that it will be accepted.
> A core sanction would also help in other areas... What is the decided
> platform? Perl, PHP, MySQL, Postgresql.
> What happens if I go out and do it in mod_perl and mysql, and then a core
> member says, "It should be done in php like site xyz".

If core is interested in a redesign, can someone with a few spare minutes
shoot me an email off-list? 

- Jeff Jirsa

Jeff Jirsa
jjirsa at

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