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Charles Oppermann charles at
Tue Mar 30 09:23:50 PST 2004

Anyone care to comment on this at

To anonymous FreeBSD user. 

Due to its licence, FreeBSD cannot become an enterprise platform from the
vendor's perspective. They all fear heavy proprietisation 	and forking
of any non-GPL codebase.

The argument could be turned around and said that some companies fear
GPL-based software due to concerns over intellectual property rights.

Plus, anyone who cannot spell license shouldn't be commenting about it.
<grin>  Just kidding.

The only OS that can fly to where the Open Source world wants it to fly is
Linux, FreeBSD is now 5+ years behind in terms of enterprise readiness.
Please keep up with the times and avoid this whole OS pissing contest thing.

...he said while whizzing away at the urinal.  

I usually ignore anything written in the reader forums.  They are at the
same quality level as callers to talk radio shows.  That's not to said some
points are valid and some posters/callers are credible;  most aren't

Let's face it; Ziff-Davis isn't exactly the place for objective coverage.
They shrill for Linux at every opportunity.  Just reading the article about
SCO says it all.  Never does the author even consider that SCO's claims
might be valid.  They may, they may not be, but I don't know and sure as
heck some ZD writer doesn't know.

Charles Oppermann

PS:  This is my first posting to the FreeBSD mailing lists.

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