Advocacy on ZDNet

Charon charon at
Tue Mar 30 02:42:52 PST 2004

Anyone care to comment on this at

	To anonymous FreeBSD user. 

	Due to its licence, FreeBSD cannot become an enterprise platform
	from the vendor's perspective. They all fear heavy proprietisation
	and forking of any non-GPL codebase. 

	The only OS that can fly to where the Open Source world wants it to
	fly is Linux, FreeBSD is now 5+ years behind in terms of enterprise
	readiness. Please keep up with the times and avoid this whole OS
	pissing contest thing. 

	Remember, we're not talking single-CPU internet servers anymore.
	FreeBSD cannot scale to 64 CPUs nor does it have the hardware support
	necessary to breach the enterprise space.

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