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Lucas Czejgis lucas at
Sat Mar 13 07:29:23 PST 2004

> Most non-technical people like GUI's because they neither want to know nor
> should they need to know the gazillion command line entries and options.
> That's the kind of thing that makes us "the pros" at what we do.  PC's
> didn't become popular for home use until the advent of the GUI.  Apple,
> despite many technical decisions that I can't agree with, are still with us
> because of the wonderful user interface.  Windows, all bashing aside, is
> not the most desirable operating system for a variety of TECHNICAL reasons,
> but it still maintains it market share.  Why?  Because it offers two things
> 1) the comfort factor that comes with familiarity and 2) the "wizards" to
> accomplish fairly complex tasks by making selections in a GUI.  This alone
> should point out that the user interface is NOT a technical issue.
> I think that the ultimate flaw in much of the logic I see here is in
> assuming that we, being the programmers, system administrators, hackers,
> etc., that we all are on list, know what end users want.  We soooooo are
> NOT the average end user.  I think I can safely say that we left being end
> users ourselves behind so long ago that we've forgotten what it's like.
> Think about what your Mother (or at least mine :)) would want to use. 
> Actually having to go to the command line, when you've been trained by
> decades of M$ products that this a very bad thing to do, and type stuff in
> terrifies her. She's always certain that she's going to make a mistake and
> blow things up.
> 2 cents,
> Jimi

I agree with you in 100%. I remember when I first tried to install FreeBSD. It 
was simply a Horror! After about three times, I decided that this is not the 
day, when I install FreeBSD. Propably, the reason why I decided to let it go, 
is that I was used to Mandrake's way of installing a OS.
Now, I thing that sysinstall is simply great. I could install FreeBSD with my 
eyes closed. But then...
I thing that the FreeBSD need to decide, if:
a) FreeBSD is a OS for everyone = make a GUI installer
b) FreeBSD is a OS for those, who know more, that a "ordinary" user knows = 
stay with sysinstall or something similar
The decision must me made, sooner or later (propably sooner)...

Lucas Czejgis


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