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> > [This isn't offtopic, I just rant a bit first, sorry :p]
> > 
> Like Joe Sixpack is ever gonna install an OS by himself.
> Why concentrate on the installer bit when talking about GUI enhancement ?
> Yes, when using windows (or redhat for that matter) you get to reinstall 
> your OS quite often, with FreeBSD on the other hand it is a rare occasion.
> So why spill so much energy on something so little used ?

I am against Joe Sixpack using FreeBSD. The reason I would argue for a GUI installer is that it makes the whole package appear to be more polished. No I don't need it, no I don't have a problem with sysinstall, nut if we were to make a seperate Desktop/Workstation FreeBSD ISO A GUI installer would definately give the whole package more value.

Remember this, the installer is the FIRST thing a new user sees of the OS, it is his/her first impression. Undermining it's importance is a mistake, I believe.

> I'd say you need to concentrate on a desktop environment when you want
> more userbase. Kick out crashy KDE and must-be-1337 gnome and create a 
> decent environment created around the user instead of around technology.
> I really doubt the gnome or kde guys ever heard of usability.
> I'm not saying windows is all that, definitely not, but kde/gnome are just
> a nightmare for not-so-technical users. 

I am of the belief that this is because they are too used to Windows. Most of the problems I've found people having are 'Where is this?' and 'How can I do this?'. Why are they complaining? Because it's not layed out the same way Windows is. I think KDE and GNOME are steps up from the Windows GUI in terms of usability, and that if you were to have someone start with Linux/GNOME or Linux/KDE and use that for a few years, were they ever to touch the Windows UI they would curl back in disgust.

> Besides that i can't really imagine why anybody would still believe that
> the 'windows method' of seeing files as icons and such are the way to go.
> After all those years there must have been a better method developed.

I personally can't think of one. Do you have any ideas?

> Lets just take that and put it in a new BSD licensed desktop environment.
> Or atleast build a solid API for UI calls system wide.
> Yeah yeah, i'll go back to sleep now, continue dreaming.  :)

As much as I'd love to see that happen, I doubt we'll find anyone to do it.

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