FreeBSD desktop or free version of Windows ?

.VWV. victorvittorivonwiktow at
Tue Mar 9 14:35:54 PST 2004

>  I wonder if it is "safe" to make FreeBSD "fool proof". I think it's a bad
> idea to attempt to  reduce a general purpose computer to toaster oven
> simplicity (IMHO). Which is what I perceive Microsoft tries to do. My
> experiences with Mandrake Linux's or SuSE's YaST installer was that they
> did not add much in the way of disaster recovery. That is if the install
> choked I was no better off than if I was using sysinstall. I also think
> the current /stand/sysinstall is just fine.
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ROCKLinux is designed very similar to FreeBSD, even if as for advanced
ATA-RAID and SCSI-RAID controllers it is not ready out-of the-box like
FreeBSD. ROCKLinux has no kind of graphical installers and doesn't show
puppets during the installation, moreover like FreeBSD it comes with clean
installation instructions. I have experienced a clear handbook is the most
useful thing. Therefore, as an after-Wodka-thought, I would simply like to
write 'California über alles, sysinstall über alles...' [Dead Kennedys].

Please, don't waste your time to reply this idiocy, it is only a stroke of


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