FreeBSD desktop or free version of Windows ?

Drews, Jonathan* DrewsJ at
Tue Mar 9 13:02:36 PST 2004

Are these hypothetical "Joe Sixpack" folks looking for a free version of
Windows or do they want an open source UNIX? Is it desirable to produce a
Microsoft like version of FreeBSD? 

dashevil writes:
> I just rant a bit first, sorry :p] I may be part of a startling minority
within the *nix/BSD
> community when I believe that they are (even Linux) FAR from being ready
for home usage by, say, > Joe Sixpack, or whatever cliche home user image
you have in mind. 

 I wonder if it is "safe" to make FreeBSD "fool proof". I think it's a bad
idea to attempt to  reduce a general purpose computer to toaster oven
simplicity (IMHO). Which is what I perceive Microsoft tries to do. My
experiences with Mandrake Linux's or SuSE's YaST installer was that they did
not add much in the way of disaster recovery. That is if the install choked
I was no better off than if I was using sysinstall. I also think the current
/stand/sysinstall is just fine.

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