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Willie Viljoen will at
Mon Mar 8 04:18:25 PST 2004

> Joao Schim [Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 12:38:41PM +0100]:
> > I really doubt the gnome or kde guys ever heard of usability.

I really doubt you've even looked at a recent version of KDE. The unusable,
crashy software you complain about best describes KDE 2. KDE 3 has been
available for quite a while, really, try the latest version before
complaining about problems that were fixed years ago.

KDE 3 is usable enough IMHO, I have many end user clients using it without
problems, your general Joe Average customer isn't going to go poking around
in system settings anyway, they just want to use it, and for that, I find
KDE even easier than Windows.

/troll mode on
If you can't find your way around KDE, I very much doubt you would be able
do so in Windows. Possibly a version of KDE with a pop-up rubber ducky with
tool tips on even the simplest most self explanatory functions would help.
Most people would find that offensive though.

> I really doubt you ever tried to create a user-friendly, open, documented
> software (no matter, GUI or command-line). Try to do that, then come back
> criticizing other people's work - I wonder if you will be presenting same
> attitude by that time.
> > I'm not saying windows is all that, definitely not, but kde/gnome are
> > a nightmare for not-so-technical users.
> There is KDE Quality team, maybe you should submit the usability problems
> you've found to them. Your opinion can change the situation. Ranting is
> an answer.
> > Besides that i can't really imagine why anybody would still believe that
> > the 'windows method' of seeing files as icons and such are the way to
> It's actually 'Xerox method', and it is a bit older, than MS DOS, for
> > Lets just take that and put it in a new BSD licensed desktop
> > Or atleast build a solid API for UI calls system wide.
> ... or at least stop trolling, while doing nothing useful.
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