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Fri Mar 5 18:46:59 PST 2004

Daniela <dgw at> wrote:
> I know that it makes little sense to optimize parts of a 
> program that are not computationally expensive, and I know that C or other 
> high-level languages *can* incur a lot of overhead.

algorithms > asm

i respect your asm love, but i have to tell you that writing other stuff than
cpu specifics is just ineffictive. it is errorprone, takes a lot of more time
and it is machine dependent.
there is absolutely no reason to write code
in asm for normal applications.
and after all, best optimisation is good algorithms. asm does not help
you when you have bad O() in your algorithm.

> I know it is true that, while I may have a great knowledge, I simply lack the 
> experience in some areas.                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

you would write in another way if you had *cough* great knowledge (sorry..)

greets, josef

ps: this should not be on advocacy really.
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