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Daniela dgw at
Sat Mar 6 02:33:49 PST 2004

On Saturday 06 March 2004 02:46, Josef El-Rayes wrote:
> Daniela <dgw at> wrote:
> > I know that it makes little sense to optimize parts of a
> > program that are not computationally expensive, and I know that C or
> > other high-level languages *can* incur a lot of overhead.
> algorithms > asm
> i respect your asm love, but i have to tell you that writing other stuff
> than cpu specifics is just ineffictive. it is errorprone, takes a lot of
> more time and it is machine dependent.
> there is absolutely no reason to write code
> in asm for normal applications.
> and after all, best optimisation is good algorithms. asm does not help
> you when you have bad O() in your algorithm.
> > I know it is true that, while I may have a great knowledge, I simply lack
> > the experience in some areas.                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> you would write in another way if you had *cough* great knowledge (sorry..)

I mean, my knowledge is great with respect to my age. Or do you know many 
16-year-olds with my knowledge?

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