FreeBSD Most wanted

Johnson David DavidJohnson at
Fri Mar 5 17:30:43 PST 2004

On Friday 05 March 2004 02:46 pm, Vulpes Velox wrote:

> > I love FreeBSD, but the applications it runs need a little catching
> > up to do if it wants to compete with its cousin. On that sort of
> > desktop, anyway.
> LOL, for home use... not really...

Time to insert a plug for KDE. While FreeBSD is not ready for home use 
due to system administration stuff, the desktop is ready. Now before 
people start jumping all over me, please note that I distinguish 
systems administration tasks from desktop tasks. For the former you 
still need to know how to use a command line editor. For the latter 
we're already there.

Juk is comparable to iTunes. It's not identical to iTunes, especially in 
the "pay to download" department, but for your typical user it's more 
than adequate. Ripping audio is as simple as dragging ogg and mp3 files 
out of the CD directory. Drag them right on to Juk if you want! This is 
easier than Windows by a long shot. I've had a Windows user's jaw hit 
the floor when he saw that.

There is no reason we have to hang our heads in shame whenever the 
Windows or Mac desktops are mentioned. While FreeBSD can't do 
everything the other guy can, don't forget that the other guy can't do 
everything FreeBSD with KDE/GNOME can.

Remember, 99% of the users never use 99% of the functionality of an 
application. We dont' need CYMK photo prepress functionality in GIMP 
before it's usable in the home!



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