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Tue Mar 2 14:07:36 PST 2004

> inappropriate. The sad fact is that those making technology
> decisions 
> are no longer technologically savvy.
> David

I mentioned this about a year ago in a similar thread; I don't
think FBSD needs to get *anything* done to replace the majority
of Linux/Windoze servers.  Nothing technical anyway.  The OS
runs great; the problem is one of PR.  

We have nothing to throw the name "FreeBSD" in ppl's faces like
that god-awful MCSE thing does for MS.  We can not compete with
this type of marketing by telling our MBA boss about the cool
new filesystem acls in 5.x.  Every knowledgeble and experienced
*nix admin I've ever met has admitted that FBSD is a great OS,
even if they are primarily Debian, Slowaris, RH, whatever

Unfortunately this is a very difficult problem to solve,
especially when most the geeks I know start to sneer when anyone
talks about marketing bs.  While it is offensive to many of us
(myself included), we can't afford to ignore it.

With a few exceptions, secrecy is deeply incompatible with
democracy and with science.
     --Carl Sagan  

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