FreeBSD Most wanted

Johnson David DavidJohnson at
Tue Mar 2 13:27:58 PST 2004

On Tuesday 02 March 2004 11:55 am, Eric Anderson wrote:

> I have to agree - however I see two classes of "machines" at a
> company. Workstations/desktops, and servers.  Even though many
> corporate execs or managers only use the desktop, they all seem to
> understand that a server runs something other than that - be it a
> different version of windows, linux, bsd, etc.

While they may see that the server needs to run something else, all too 
often it's merely a different version of Windows. They're smart enough 
to know that Windows XP Home Edition is inappropriate for the mail 
server, but not educated enough to know that Windows itself is 
inappropriate. The sad fact is that those making technology decisions 
are no longer technologically savvy.


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