FreeBSD Today

Mike Hoskins mike at
Wed Jan 7 17:23:21 PST 2004

Peter Kieser wrote:
> We don't need an installation program like Redhat, that'd make me change
> from FreeBSD like a burning ant. That's one thing that I like about FreeBSD,
> is it's easy installation process, that will start on any computer, and
> doesn't take two hours to do.

agreed...  although a lot of people seem to think it needs an overhaul. 
  obviously everything needs kept up to date, but i like the current 
installer a lot better than RH's.  i've seen RH's installer hang on many 
a system...  from well-supported desktops to cutting edge servers.  it 
also makes a lot of things more difficult (or, i guess i should say 
"windows like") which can be frustrating.  the end result is that no 
admin i know ever touches the darned thing.

for situations where the current installer doesn't quite fit the bill... 
  "BSD from scratch" is one alternate answer.  of course that's probably 
considered "ultra geek" and not for every day newbie use.  it does give 
strict control over the install though.  working to wrap some 
"run-anywhere", "user-friendly" interface around this sort of "power 
tool" (more like a power process, since it currently involves disparate 
scripts/makefiles) would probably make some people happy.

> Modular development tools are also a no-no, you can't compile FreeBSD 4.x
> with 3.3 gcc.. (afaik), that would be asking for big trouble.

it may be nice to allow such things to be more easily removed for 
"security" reasons, but one certainly does have to avoid shooting 
themselves in the foot.  in places where this is actually desired, it 
would probably be better to run a custom distro (which could really just 
be freebsd minus some agreed upon things to remove, backed by policy, 
enforced by script) or look at embedded/hardening projects which already 
do this or make it relatively moot.

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