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Peter Kieser pfak at
Wed Jan 7 16:38:02 PST 2004

We don't need an installation program like Redhat, that'd make me change
from FreeBSD like a burning ant. That's one thing that I like about FreeBSD,
is it's easy installation process, that will start on any computer, and
doesn't take two hours to do.

Modular development tools are also a no-no, you can't compile FreeBSD 4.x
with 3.3 gcc.. (afaik), that would be asking for big trouble.


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> What I think FreeBSD should have to grow ->
> A) A really good PR executive who cleverly removes the image of being
> ultra-geek (or hard-to-learn) material.
> B) A really strong installation program (something RedHat/Fedora excel
> at).
> C) Make the developer tools more modular (not tied to kernel) so that
> you can upgrade them and change them, or not even install them if you
> choose.

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