FreeBSD's Visual Identity: Outdated?

Carsten Zimmermann cz at
Thu Dec 23 13:38:04 PST 2004

Am Thu Dec 23, 2004 at 12:4615PM -0800 schrieb Matt Olander:
> I can ask my company if they will donate a 1U server (maybe with the old
> BSDi logo on it) if enough people are interested in entering a freebsd
> advocacy website design contest. Winners could be decided by a vote on
> the advocacy mailing list or by core or something.

A design contest seems the best way to go! Let the games begin. The only
problem might indeed be that there aren't enough people willing to
contriubute to that contest, which leaves us without a content at all ;)

> Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone!

Yeah - from me, too!


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