Rework of the FreeBSD website [was: FreeBSD's Visual Identity: Outdated?]

Simon L. Nielsen simon at
Thu Dec 23 16:00:59 PST 2004

On 2004.12.23 12:46:15 -0800, Matt Olander wrote:

> Absolutely. A single, front page mock-up would probably be a good place
> to start. When in doubt, take a look at,,,
> etc. as they have spent countless millions in website design and user
> acceptance.

After EuroBSDCon I started looking more seriously into reworking the
web site, starting with the front page.  I haven't said anything about
this "publicly" since I wanted to have something reasonable to show
before starting another round of chitchat on the lists about it :-).
My rework haven't been drastic, mainly keeping the current design but
focusing on simplifying the content to make it easier to actually find
things on the website.

If somebody seriously want to do something for an improved website, I
think people should come up with a mockup of what they think a better
website would look like and post it to the www@ (and perhaps the
advocacy@) list.  Just talking about it won't change anything (as the
mail archives shows plenty of examples of)...

People who want to work on this should also look at Murray Stokely's
wiki page at which contain some
goals / requirements the doceng team has come up with for a new

> I can ask my company if they will donate a 1U server (maybe with the old
> BSDi logo on it) if enough people are interested in entering a freebsd
> advocacy website design contest. Winners could be decided by a vote on
> the advocacy mailing list or by core or something.

I don't know if a design content will be the best way to handle a new
website.  Personally I think it would be better if people just post
their design idea (i.e. mockup's, not just idea of how it could be)
and then the interested people can come with suggestions for
improvements.  Of course, this is just my humble opinion :-).

Simon L. Nielsen
FreeBSD Documentation Team
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