FreeBSD's Visual Identity: Outdated?

Ryan Sommers ryans at
Thu Dec 23 04:43:23 PST 2004

Going to reply to the whole thread so far.

jsha said:
> 1. Not only is the logo misleading (associating evil) but it also looks
>    like something 10-year-olds could produce in Paint Shop Pro ten years

Although I don't like the tone of the other replies, I agree with their
sentiment, beasty is as much a part of FreeBSD as the family dog is a part
of the family.

> 2. If it wasn't for the interesting content and structure of the FreeBSD
>    website, it would be among the less beautiful. Yes, it serves its
>    purpose well by being simple and straight to the point. But a redesign
>    could offer just the same -- simplicity and accuracy -- without being
>    ugly.

I don't think the website is all that ugly, personally, however, a new
design isn't out of the question. So long as content and navigation is
somewhat preserved. I've found certain things difficult to find again when
I remember that I saw them somewhere, and I've been using FreeBSD for 7
years now.

> 3. The installation, even though it's text-only, could also be improved
>    by simple restructuring to act more cognitive and human-centered than
>    previously. Everything pertaining to the eye is important to improve.

This is on many people's minds, including my own. Now that the holidays
are upon us I'm going to try and spend a little of my free time working on
putting my ideas into code. Or, I might look again at FreeBSDIE and
bsdinstaller and seeing what it would take to bring them into the tree.

> 4. There should be some kind of FreeBSD business card and letterhead
>    available to all that support this project.

I'm not sure I understand the reasoning behing a business card.

> How do I know though, that if I manage to pull together a team to work
> on this refined vision, that we won't be totally ignored even though we
> produce the most magnificent result?

If you feel it needs to be done, and you would like to work on it, more
power to you! Come up with a concept design and submit it for review. I
think there are definite improvments to be made in the eyes of the
new-comer. I believe there is a www@ team is there not? Might try posting
to that list and see what you come up with. FreeBSD survives off people
spending time where they see fit. If web-dev and graphic arts is your
thing and you want to contribute, I for one will give you the time to
submit my opinion of your work.

Daniel Blendea said:
> 1. bu**s**it, Beastie is **COOL** and would be a loss of identity if
> the logo would change;
> Dear Sir, please read the page where what greek daemons are explained..
> 2. again, bu**s**it, the colors are not ugly at ALL, - and i'm not a
> fan of site's color theme coz i prefer blue-ish colors - again, think
> about identity...whenever one FreeBSD'er sees the logo/colors - on
> software packages, media and the like - he will know that product is
> related to FreeBSD
> 3. please install FreeBSD couple of times, and afterwards you'll get
> to install it eyes- closed..

This is hardly the way to represent and argument. There is no need to be
profane at someone for expressing their ideas to aid the project. It
should be encouraged.

Others, please don't feed the troll.

Simon Burke said:
> Also freebsd is an operating system, if the developers and such spent
> all this time maintaining its image rather than its OS then freeBSD
> would no longer be such a great operating system.

The code developers don't have to spend time on web-dev and graphics. But
if there is a willing body that might not be able to work on the code but
has talent in the user-interface, web-development, and graphic arts field,
why not let them give their time to the project in a manner that fits
their skills? Please don't bash or make light of those that contribute
things other than code. Rock on doc@ team. Code or not you've done a great

It takes many skillsets to develop and maintain a tool such as FreeBSD
code is just one of them.

Ryan Sommers
ryans at

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