FreeBSD's Visual Identity: Outdated?

Simon Burke simon.burke at
Thu Dec 23 03:59:32 PST 2004

> 1. Not only is the logo misleading (associating evil) but it also looks
>    like something 10-year-olds could produce in Paint Shop Pro ten years
>    ago. OpenBSD has an artistic touch to theirs, however I was very
>    disappointed when I heard that the new NetBSD logo was in effect.

I would like to know how you assume that he is a representation of
evil, ok he looks like a little devil char but there is more than one
definition of a devil and besides he looks kind of cute.
So the logo/mascot has been around a while but that doesnt warrant
change. If it does then most companies in the world need to update
their logos too.

Also freebsd is an operating system, if the developers and such spent
all this time maintaining its image rather than its OS then freeBSD
would no longer be such a great operating system.

> 2. If it wasn't for the interesting content and structure of the FreeBSD
>    website, it would be among the less beautiful. Yes, it serves its
>    purpose well by being simple and straight to the point. But a redesign
>    could offer just the same -- simplicity and accuracy -- without being
>    ugly.

Aesthetics are not everything, the web site does what its supposed to
do. Also i actually like how it looks.
A lot of people have strong feelings about all these all singing all
dancing webistes. There is just no need. Keep it simple and easy to
navigate around thats all thats really important. If the aesthetics
really matter more than function to such people who use BSD then they
would probably be not using BSD but either windows or linux, where you
have a nice pretty GUI to look at all the nice pretty sites.

> 3. The installation, even though it's text-only, could also be improved
>    by simple restructuring to act more cognitive and human-centered than
>    previously. Everything pertaining to the eye is important to improve.

Granted the installer is not the best installer around, but the main
point is that it does the job and it is pretty easy to follow in my
opinion anyway. Also there are a couple of projects to my knowledge
that are aiming to improve it.

> 4. There should be some kind of FreeBSD business card and letterhead
>    available to all that support this project.

I have to ask why? why would people need such things? that i just dont

> How do I know though, that if I manage to pull together a team to work
> on this refined vision, that we won't be totally ignored even though we
> produce the most magnificent result?
> Anyone that are interested, please reply ;-)

Theres no place like ::1


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