TextMaker for FreeBSD trial now available

Scott Mitchell scott+freebsd at fishballoon.org
Sun Oct 12 12:45:24 PDT 2003

On Sat, Oct 11, 2003 at 01:34:48PM +0200, Martin Kotulla wrote:
> Scott:
> Scott Mitchell wrote:
> >Hi Martin,
> >
> >One thing I've noticed after a few minutes playing with the TextMaker
> >trial - whenever I pop up a dialog (File->Open or whatever), system load
> >shoot up to 97% and stays there until the dialog is closed.  It seems to
> >be spinning in the X server, keeping itself as the active window and on
> >top of all other windows.  Interestingly, this doesn't happen if I turn
> >off 'Window Manager Dialogs' in the Look&Feel preferences.
> >
> Doesn't happen here with FreeBSD 4.8, freshly installed with WindowMaker 
> running. Anybody else experience this?

Well, as I say it's probably something in my setup.  I know when my
customers come up with weird complaints like this it almost always turns
out to be something misconfigured at their end :-)  X & KDE are overdue
for an upgrade, which may well make this go away, and in any case there's
a workaround, so it's no big deal.

One other thing - am I right in thinking that TextMaker's Word import
doesn't handle Word 'drawings' (the vector-graphics diagrams you can draw
within Word, or paste in from PowerPoint)?  They just come up as grey
placeholder boxes in the documents I opened, although all the bitmap images
were just fine.  A bit of a bummer if these don't work, as just about every
document I deal with at work seems to include one or more of them :-(



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