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Martin Kotulla martin-k at softmaker.de
Sat Oct 18 09:00:33 PDT 2003


Scott Mitchell wrote:

>One other thing - am I right in thinking that TextMaker's Word import
>doesn't handle Word 'drawings' (the vector-graphics diagrams you can draw
>within Word, or paste in from PowerPoint)?  They just come up as grey
>placeholder boxes in the documents I opened, although all the bitmap images
>were just fine.  A bit of a bummer if these don't work, as just about every
>document I deal with at work seems to include one or more of them :-(
>	Scott
This depends on which version of Word you are using, which version you 
are saving to, the phases of the moon etc...

Word saves its drawings in several formats: simple vectors, OLE objects, 
Escher drawings (aka AutoShapes), and metafiles. We are importing as 
much as possible but currently TextMaker does not have a complete 
AutoShapes import. This (along with the user interface for creating and 
manipulating AutoShapes) will be in the next release. Actually, the code 
for our AutoShapes drawing layer is already nearly finished.

Martin Kotulla
SoftMaker Software GmbH

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