Building OO from ports.

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Fri Oct 10 13:03:42 PDT 2003

--- John Baldwin <jhb at> wrote:
> On 09-Oct-2003 Kevin D. Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P.
> wrote:
> > As for the product, my initial impression is
> rather favorable, but as
> > I'm running 5.1 and waiting for Java, I can't
> compare it to OO.
> You can build OO from ports on -CURRENT, btw. 
> It took about 23 hours
> on my P3/700 laptop, but it does work.  I used
> Impress for the slides
> for my BSDCon talk this year.
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I built OO from ports on a dial up connection. 
Twice.  What takes a long time is downloading
everything.  The compiling takes only a few hours
on my computer (1.533 GHz, 512 megs ram).

Someone once told me that 'mere mortals' should
never attempt to build KDE or OO from ports. 
This, of course could be nothing other than a
challenge, so I tried.  It took some work, but I
did it.  And this is more a testament to the
skill of the port teams than myself.  Thanks for
the great work, Ports teams!

Ports rock.  Now I can write in my favorite word

Of course, TextMaker is looking pretty good right
at the moment, as well...


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