Building OO from ports.

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# I built OO from ports on a dial up connection. 
# Twice.  What takes a long time is downloading
# everything.  The compiling takes only a few hours
# on my computer (1.533 GHz, 512 megs ram).

Downloading the main source tarball and the Mozilla tarball that it uses
does take quite a while.

Compile times depend mostly on the speed of the processor, amount of
memory and the speed of the hard drive. It took my P3-800 laptop with a
4200RPM hard drive over 12 hours to compile. My P3-500 with 256MB of RAM
and a 7200RPM hard drive took over 20 hours to compile.

Then on my dual Xeon 2.4 under 5.1-RELEASE (SMP enabled) took under 4
hours to complete the build and install.

For me, I definitely notice a nice boost in the program's response when
building it from ports compared to using the latest binary package.

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