Time to learn basic for experience person?

Francisco Reyes lists at natserv.com
Thu Oct 2 20:22:01 PDT 2003

Have a good friend that inheritted 3 FreeBSD servers. He is considering to
change the OS because of the lack of in-house knowlege.

I am thinking on offering to go to their office and show him and his team
the basics. Their background is Novell Netware and Windows 2K.

Any guestimate how much time I should ask of them? They are 4, including
my friend; I believe they are all senior network admins.

I think the first time would be just to give them a tour and show them
where things are stored and some of the basic commands and files they
would need to know.

Tonight I could not talk much with him because he came for a a dinner
with my wife and sister in law and they looked at me very mean when I
talked computers... :-)   In the mean time I lent him my copy of
the Complete FreeBSD 4th Edition.

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