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Thu Oct 2 15:10:21 PDT 2003

That's what I've always thought until lately...maybe it's a
mid-life (errr, late-20s) crisis or something but I'm looking
for a sleeker looking desktop than blue gradient windowmaker
with default everything xterms sitting there blinking.  I think
has a lot to do with advocacy actually since my comp science
class is all-windows all-the-time and I want to show up with
something that proves *nix doesn't have to sacrifice looks for
functionality.  I already put the bg2 on my is a
tough crowd in that class.

--- Mike Hoskins <mike at> wrote:
> On Fri, 3 Oct 2003, Samy Al Bahra wrote:
> > Advocates, take a look at -
> > Some are nice, some are not. Enjoy.
> kudos!  i think they all look nice...  this sort of thing is
> definately
> good for the "desktop crowd".  of course i run a desktop too,
> but i prefer
> the more traditional wallpaper...  `xsetroot -solid black`. 
> been using
> that one since olvwm days.  ;)
> -mrh
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