SCO goes after BSD?

Devon H.O'Dell dodell at
Thu Nov 20 09:25:41 PST 2003

Who cares? SCO is full of shit.

What does this have to do with the advocacy of FreeBSD? This list has 
been getting out of hand recently.


On Thursday, November 20, 2003, at 06:22 PM, Arjan van Leeuwen wrote:

> There's more information on this at Enterprise Linux:
> Seems like we will have to wait until at least 2004 to hear what SCO 
> has to
> say :).
> --Start relevant quotes--
> Second, SCO has said it will broaden its copyright protection efforts 
> to
> include "copyrighted code included in the 1994 settlement between Unix
> Systems Laboratories and Berkeley Software Design (BSD)." SCO has said 
> it
> does not expect to file any BSD-related lawsuits until the first half 
> of
> 2004.
> (...)
> BSD Gets Involved
> Enlarging the scope of its legal battle to include BSD, SCO says it 
> now is
> comparing code awarded in a 1994 settlement involving that company.
> "As part of the settlement agreement that took place between BSD and 
> AT&T
> (NYSE: T)  and Novell, there were certain files that had to have the
> copyright attribution put back in," Stowell said.
> "Copyright attribution has been stripped away from certain code, and 
> we're
> seeing that same situation taking place with Linux with those same 
> exact BSD
> files," he said. "Those files have gone back into Linux, and the 
> copyright
> attribution has been stripped away." Those BSD files must have their
> copyright attribution restored, Stowell said.
> Additionally, "there were Unix System V files within BSD that were not
> supposed to be there, and those files had to be removed from BSD," he 
> said.
> "And we're claiming those files that were supposed to have been 
> removed from
> BSD have made their way into Linux."
> "Some of the BSD code likely made its way into Linux," said Aberdeen 
> Group
> analyst Bill Claybrook, "and probably -- almost assuredly -- made its 
> way
> into [Unix] System V." However, he told NewsFactor, "You couldn't 
> argue that
> just because [BSD] files went into System V, it was derived code."
> --end quotes--
> Arjan
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