the unix desktop was possible once

Vulpes Velox kitbsdlists at
Sat Nov 8 12:06:14 PST 2003

On Sat, 08 Nov 2003 12:40:49 -0500
Bill Moran <wmoran at> wrote:

> Vulpes Velox wrote:
> <snip>
> > If you have the capabilities to host, I would be happy to begin work on a
> > desktop oriented version of fbsd. 
> >  
> >>If I wasn't completely alone here, I had tried to pack the desktop described
> >>above on a FreeBSD for end-users. I'm very disenchanted now, even if my own
> >>workstations will look as a masterpiece of graphics for the entire life of
> >>their hardware - wine enclosed -.
> > 
> > The hardpart is finding the hosting required to get the project started. I
> > was talking to two ppl awhile back, but not heard from either in a while.
> What would you need in the way of hosting to get this rolling?

Something like 2 gigs for ISOs, some source, and html and a bit of bandwidth. I
want to put together 4 sets of ISOs. i486, i586/mmx, p4, k7

Right now I am slowly in the proccess of getting my system geared up for it and
doing a bit of testing.

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