the unix desktop was possible once

.VWV. victorvittorivonwiktow at
Fri Nov 7 18:16:04 PST 2003

I have understood very well what that manager of Red Hat was trying to
explain. At the time of KDE 2.x and GNOME 1.x, using Windowamker as desktop,
it was possible to tune KDE to 'kdestep' style, and GNOME to 'gtkstep',
obtaining a similar look for all the graphical applications.

Now it is a complete chaos. If those people was working under a hierarchical
organization like the FreeBSD one, open-source unix could quite destroy
Unfortunately, a lot of people prefer to waste time on endless graphical
developments, instead of consolidating their platforms.
The most part of the ports' links for this purpose are still broken, I can
understand the lack of FreeBSD support for them. I have found a lot of
sources with the only help of Google.

If I wasn't completely alone here, I had tried to pack the desktop described
above on a FreeBSD for end-users. I'm very disenchanted now, even if my own
workstations will look as a masterpiece of graphics for the entire life of
their hardware - wine enclosed -.

At least the entire command-line system seems perfect, unlike other unix

As always, forgive me for I'm temporarily writing from the Disgusting
Operating System.

I'm on Amnesiac 4.6.2, which also boots this shit.


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