Building a Supercomputer with FreeBSD tomorrow on TechTV at 4PM PST

Devon H.O'Dell dodell at
Wed Dec 17 06:59:38 PST 2003

> Devon H.O'Dell wrote:
>> Hey everyone,
>> Tomorrow at 4PM PST, TechTV's Screensavers show will have a bit on 
>> building a supercomputer using FreeBSD. Our favorites, Matt Olander 
>> (from Offmyserver) and Brooks Davis (from the Aerospace Corporation) 
>> will be presenting. Both have a good bit of experience in this field 
>> (Brooks has published a paper available at 
>> -- I'm curious 
>> as to what the show will produce.
>> However, I don't get TechTV. So if any of you would be kind enough to 
>> press the record button and grab the thing via your capture card 
>> (like someone did with the last one), I will gladly again provide the 
>> space and bandwidth (like I did last time) so that everyone can 
>> (again) see this.
> I'll record it..  What's a good format for everyone?
> Eric

MPEG is nice, but large. I don't think anybody should have trouble with 
DivX ;-) if you use that.

Thanks :)


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