BSD presence at linux world NYC

G. Rosamond george at
Wed Dec 10 19:12:40 PST 2003

mikel and all. . .

i've worked at the bsdmall table at linuxexpo for the past several
years, and additional help would be great there. . .

but. . .

a few of us are planning to start a nyc bsd user group, launched out of
linux expo.

we'll have a bof meeting at linux expo, plus the first official meeting
on feb 4, with wes sonnenreich speaking on openbsd and security.

we'll have fliers at the new york php and bsdmall tables.

check out

we'll have a list at up.

we'll have the official announcement out in mid-january.

we'd love to have more people involved in planning, so if you're
interested, shoot me an email. . . 


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