what's unix and what's not

Devon H.O'Dell dodell at sitetronics.com
Thu Dec 4 23:59:10 PST 2003

>> because a profferor wasn't allowed to use Unix as an example to its
>> students.
>> Even if the code wasn't simply copied then it would still be based on
>> apperence to Unix and have has serveral times where it imported BSD
>> code. So way not call it Unix? It proberbly has a legal argument.

UNIX is a trademark. You can't call something UNIX unless it has payed 
for the ability to use the name UNIX. This privilege also requires that 
your OS suffice several standards.

>> I have a jpg (900K) and a psd (12M) file with every UNIX OS for those
>> who like to have this.

And there's one text one that's 18k at /usr/share/misc/bsd-family-tree, 
except it's just a tree for the BSDs.

> I have instucted my server to protect images (i.e. only serving off
> certain domains.)
> I just googled on "unix history" and found this link. Its the same only
> the quality is a lot better than my jpg and it got the year above.
> This link bring you to the right date:
> http://www.levenez.com/unix/history.html#05
> -- 
> Alex
> P.S. Please CC me.

I hate to be whiny here, but can we *please* *keep* *discussions* *on* 
*topic*. I know this is not a technical list, but please understand 
that if you want to have a discussion about things that aren't related 
to advocating FreeBSD, it's best if you remove the email address 
``freebsd-advocacy at freebsd.org

Perhaps the moderator(s) could create a FreeBSD General Discussion list?


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