ufs and ext

Gary W. Swearingen swear at attbi.com
Fri Apr 25 17:41:53 PDT 2003

".VWV." <victorvittorivonwiktow at interfree.it> writes:

> > > I have noticed both BSD and Linux pre-compiled kernels cannot mount
> > > read-write the other filesystem. It's a shame that a newbie could think
> > > one is able to read, the other one is able to write. We know ufs was born
> > > before ext. Some Linux distributions has also adopted ReiserFS on Linux,
> > > that's really a not-unix filesystem. Why at PASC nobody has declared
> > > what's the best standard?

There is one pretty-good almost-filesystem standard which I've used
successfully, namely "tar".  You can write and read a tarball on an
otherwise-unused partition (ie, raw device, no real filesystem) from
multiple types of OSes.

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