ufs and ext

.VWV. victorvittorivonwiktow at interfree.it
Fri Apr 25 17:34:18 PDT 2003

On Friday 25 April 2003 22:05, you wrote:
> ".VWV." wrote:
> > It's horrible, we could fear we have no Gods any more... I'll never move
> > from ufs or from an hypothetical future 'son'. I have been really tried
> > by not-properly-unix experiments.
> Well, there's always "Please submit patches"...
> -- Terry

I have forgotten: don't let me submit evaluations of well known 
unix-like-distributions, someboidy in Italy has written I'm a little 
integralist. I'm only a mild authistic and perfectionist instead. See you at 
the next matter.
'Please submit patches'... When all of the data is lost forever.



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