BSD advocacy at LinuxFest Northwest, April 26, Bellingham, Washington, USA

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Sat Apr 19 22:34:46 PDT 2003

Last year, I ran a booth and gave a lecture about BSD at LinuxFest in
Bellingham, Washington, USA. I handed out many CDs from Wasabi Systems and
FreeBSD Mall. And showed some examples and answered various questions.
Approximately 350-400 people attended and probably over 100 came up to the

The event is being held in between Seattle and Vancouver BC. It is a full
day. It is free. And it will have many lectures, classes, and booths. More
information at: (last year)

This year, the event is being organized by several Linux users groups, has
larger facilities and has several big names in the Linux and open source
community giving lectures. Some organizers are expecting more than 1000 to

I have already registered for a booth for BSD advocacy and have a few
Pacific Northwest BSD users volunteering to assist. (Also, I am giving a
45 minute lecture again.)

Also, Wasabi Systems and FreeBSD Mall already sent me many CDs to
hand-out. (Anyone want to supply OpenBSD CDs?)

We are still looking for a few volunteers to randomly stand at the booth,
maybe have example systems, and to provide brochures to handout and to
print posters.

Anyone in the Pacific Northwest area interested in helping promote

Thank you,

   Jeremy C. Reed

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