FreeBSD 5.0 review on osnews

Peter pfak at
Thu Apr 10 16:24:51 PDT 2003

Contrary to what is article says about "dislikes", WineX _does_ work on
FreeBSD 5.0. Im currently running it on my desktop, and it works fine minus
the fact that I don't get very good FPS because my video card's DRM isnt
fully supported by XFree86 that was included.

I believe they have XFree86 4.3.0 in the ports tree now, but its just a
matter of me hooking up the drive, and trying it out.

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> Hi,
> there's a review of FreeBSD 5.0 at
> Conclusion:
> "Everything is fast and stable, minus File Roller, which has a habit of
> crashing. I haven't missed my old OS at all"
> Worth reading and advocating. :-)
>  -volker
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