Brilliant and very useful for FreeBSD, IMHO

Michael Josefsson mj at
Wed Apr 9 02:57:26 PDT 2003

On Tuesday, Apr 8, 2003, at 20:30 Europe/Stockholm, Daniela wrote:

> Let the sysadmin tinker with the system, let the user use what the 
> sysadmin
> sets up, and everything in this world will be working.

Hear, hear! Well spoken. If we consider the system as a tool, then let 
someone set it up and let the users use it. Full stop. It's a militant 
mode but we do this everyday without complaining: The TV-set is 
premade, we seldom try to make it do anything else than receive picture 
and sound, the car has its four wheels because they are very good at 
doing their job while there etc.

If any (idiot) can/will tinker with a system the result is often a 
mish-mash. Decide what the system shall do, make it do that and be done 
with it.

I love to fiddle with programs/compilers/hardware etc, but I don't 
claim that I am most productive that way, I just enjoy it. For real 
work, I use a machine with carefully chosen programs that do exactly 
what I want and nothing more. For fun and server (they coincide 
sometime too:)
I use FreeBSD and for most of my other desktopping I use OS X - because 
they work and work well in their respective areas.

Have used FreeBSD since 1997 (FBSD 2.2.2) and am very happy at jumping 
on that waggon back then. When I left being 100% sysadmin a year ago I 
tried OS X, and liked it too. But I will never erase the FreeBSD 
partitions on my machines. And for the servers I still run, it's 
FreeBSD all the way.


> If every idiot can set up a server, what do sysadmins get paid for?
> FreeBSD administration is not for the newbie, and this is a Good Thing.
> When set up correctly, FreeBSD is the best system to get Real Work 
> (TM) done.
> Just my 0.02$.
> Daniela
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