Brilliant and very useful for FreeBSD, IMHO

Johnson David DavidJohnson at
Tue Apr 8 12:02:13 PDT 2003

On Tuesday 08 April 2003 11:30 am, Daniela wrote:
> Let the sysadmin tinker with the system, let the user use what the
> sysadmin sets up, and everything in this world will be working.

In the appropriate environment, you are absolutely correct! At work we 
have traditionally had a Solaris environment. New employees who have 
never seen a UNIX before feel right at home within the week. Why? 
Because they don't have to administer the system! Despite it's 
ugliness, CDE manages to be a very adequate program launcher.

We have a Unix Level I class here at work, and a dozen Windows oriented 
classes, plus the odd SAP, Oracle, etc. classes. These are designed for 
new employees. When an employee takes the Unix class, that's all they 
need. Only IT members ever bother taking Unix Level II. But the Windows 
users take all of the Windows classes and still keep messing up their 

We have about 25 people in IT to handle about 1000 Windows systems, and 
2 people in IT to handle about 300 Solaris machines. With numbers like 
these, I can't help but suspect that Windows is harder for the 
experienced Windows user than UNIX is for the experienced UNIX user.


p.s. Across the corridor from me, two IT people have spent the last 
fifty minutes installing a harddrive in a Windows PC. They're still not 
done. Huh?

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