Brilliant and very useful for FreeBSD, IMHO

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at
Mon Apr 7 12:33:43 PDT 2003

Johnson David wrote:
> Frankly, the expections set forth by the reviewer are unrealistic. She
> wants a Windows clone. She wants a new operating system while not
> changing anything in how she works. By her own admission, not even
> Windows XP meets the criteria! (btw, it was a review, not a study)


> I don't think FreeBSD will ever be a "newbie" system. Sorry guys, but I
> don't. By "newbie" system I mean something that you click "OK" and it
> installs and works with no additional configuration for anything. The
> only way we could reach this state without compromising other goals is
> to have FreeBSD preinstalled on OEM systems.

I actually disagree with this one; I think it's doable, if you
throw out "non-negotiable request #6".

For one thing, you are pretty much guaranteed that the "system
recovery CDROM" that came with Windows is going to blow away
the entire disk contents, because it's just as unable to do
random access on NTFS as everyone else who hasn't licensed source
code from Microsoft. So the first time you have to use it to
recover Windows 2000/Windows XP, it's going to blow away the
other OS on the disk, and repartition the disk to factory default.

I guarantee you that eMachine's Windows 2000/XP recovery disks
work this way.

-- Terry

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