Brilliant and very useful for FreeBSD, IMHO

Eric Anderson anderson at
Mon Apr 7 06:23:59 PDT 2003

Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg wrote:
> I love FreeBSD, but not even I would get the idea to run it as a 
> desktop. It's not good at it, and if someone asks for my opinion, I hope 
> it never will be.
> Even Microsoft have realised that it takes a different os to run a 
> server then a desktop. They have a plethora of different editions, like 
> XP Home Edition and W2K Advanced Server. As long as FreeBSD excels on 
> servers, chances are it will not make a perfect desktop.
> I say we have enough desktop os's, lets keep FreeBSD kicking ass on the 
> servers.

Well, I'm just about 180 degrees different on the desktop OS theory as 
you are.  I've been using FreeBSD as my desktop OS for several years 
now.  I run it on my notebook (which I am using now), and my desktop. 
Both are my "workstations" - my desktop rarely gets rebooted, and of 
course my notebook is like my wallet, with me everywhere I go.

It's actually the finest desktop OS I have ever used.  Now, I do have XP 
installed on my notebook, but I rarely boot into it.  In fact, I only do 
so to test Windows things for my users.  I'm not a big fan of "super 
mario windows" looking GUI's (like the default XP setup - eek!), but I 
can appreciate a decent UI when I see one.  Windows isn't there yet. 
Now, I'm a KISS (keep it simple, stupid) believer, so I run fluxbox. 
It's so darn easy to config, and so simple to use.

Just for informations sake, I taught my wife to use FreeBSD as her 
desktop OS in about 15 minutes.  She got used to fluxbox and used it 
like she has known it for years.  Also, recently I showed a unix 
"newbie" FreeBSD, and let him play with is and several Linux os's, and 
he finally decided on FreeBSD because (in his words) "it's just so 
simple and easy to get things done".

Just my $0.02.


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