Bernardo García Fuentes bernigf at
Mon Jul 16 16:09:12 UTC 2007

Hi, I'm running 6.2-STABLE with the generic kernel, but acpi resume
doesn't work.
Suspend works great using "acpiconf -s 3", but my laptop doesn't come
back from resume.
I can hear the HD, and DVD drive restarting, but the LCD screen
doesn't turn on and keys like numlock, caps, etc, doesn't work either
so I have to reset the laptop.

I tried with debug.acpi.suspend_bounce = 1, and it "bounces" ok
without any error messages.
I also tried setting debug.acpi.resume_beep = 1 but I hear no beep
whatsoever at any time of the broken suspend/resume process.

What should I try now? Please give me any hint about what do to next,
since I couldn't find any documentation about this and I've been stuck
in this problem since I moved to FreeBSD.


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