** HEADS UP ** FreeBSD commit mail list changes

haro at kgt.co.jp haro at kgt.co.jp
Wed Oct 8 02:41:58 UTC 2008

Hello Peter,

I read most of FreeBSD messages through the following URL:

But messages on the newly created lists, e.g. svn-src-all, I cannot 
be browsed with the error below. Can you look into it, if you've got

- Sample URL:

- Error message:
   The specified message cannot be accessed.

As always, thanks for all the hard work on FreeBSD.


From: "Peter Wemm" <peter at wemm.org>
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2008 16:13:51 -0700
::*** HEADS UP ***
::FreeBSD.org switched from cvs to subversion (svn) for the src tree a
::few months ago.  Since we were continuing to export the svn changes to
::cvs (and will continue to do so), we were sending out cvs commit
::messages.  For the most part, non-developers didn't have much of a
::reason to notice that anything changed.
::However, we were generating svn-style commit messages internally
::within the developer group.  This caused problems with post-commit
::discussions being fragmented and sometimes unintentionally not being
::publicly visible.
::To complete the transition process, I'm turning off cvs-style commit
::messages for the "src" tree entirely.  The only commit messages will
::be svn-style.  The cvs-src list will no longer get commit messages
::(and will go away), and cvs-all will no longer get "src" commit
::messages.  (cvs-all will still get ports, projects, doc etc commits).
::In a brave attempt to try and make this transparent to end users, I
::put on my peril sensitive sunglasses and copied the cvs-all and
::cvs-src list members over to svn-src-all.
::I realize this breaks POLA and will cause some confusion for a short
::while, but it was the only practical way I could think of to get the
::switch-over done as quickly as possible.  I apologize in advance for
::any problems I've caused to any of you.
::In a nutshell, the effects you'll see are:
::* New envelope sender address
::* different email headers (cvs* become svn*)
::* Some of you had your subscription set to 'nomail' - this was NOT
::preserved.  Sorry!
::* If you had custom list passwords, they were not preserved either.
::* Some of you were subscribed to cvs-all in digest, but cvs-src in
::individual messages.  Since the two were merged, where there was a
::conflict you'll get 'individual' email, not 'digest'.
::* obviously the email format you get will be different.  If you've got
::filters or scripts parsing email, I'm sorry I broke them.
::* commit messages include diffs!  Email messages can be quite a bit bigger.
::Please note that we have several sub-lists.  You may well want to
::unsubscribe from svn-src-all@ and chose sub-lists instead.
::A summary of the new lists:
::svn-src-all            SVN commit messages for the entire src tree
::(except for "user" and "projects")
::svn-src-head    SVN commit messages for the src tree for head/-current
::svn-src-projects        SVN commit messages for the src "projects" tree
::svn-src-release         SVN commit messages for releases in the src tree
::svn-src-releng  SVN commit messages for the release engineering /
::security commits to the src tree
::svn-src-stable  SVN commit messages for all the -stable branches of the src tree
::svn-src-stable-6        SVN commit messages for only the 6-stable src tree
::svn-src-stable-7        SVN commit messages for only the 7-stable src tree
::svn-src-stable-other    SVN commit messages for the old stable src trees
::svn-src-user    SVN commit messages for the experimental "user" src tree
::svn-src-vendor  SVN commit messages for the vendor work area tree
::For example.. you may only wish to get commit mail for the 7-stable
::branch.  You can do that now.
::-releng commits are for release engineering and security errata commits.
::-release commits are when release tags get created.
::-user and -projects are for work-in-progress areas that are NOT part
::of the src tree yet.  -projects are for WIP that is intended to be
::committed. -user is for experimental work that might or might not ever
::be committed to the base src tree.
::Again, apologies for the POLA violation.
::Peter Wemm - peter at wemm.org; peter at FreeBSD.org; peter at yahoo-inc.com; KI6FJV
::"All of this is for nothing if we don't go to the stars" - JMS/B5
::"If Java had true garbage collection, most programs would delete
::themselves upon execution." -- Robert Sewell

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