** HEADS UP ** FreeBSD commit mail list changes

Peter Wemm peter at wemm.org
Tue Oct 7 23:13:55 UTC 2008

*** HEADS UP ***

FreeBSD.org switched from cvs to subversion (svn) for the src tree a
few months ago.  Since we were continuing to export the svn changes to
cvs (and will continue to do so), we were sending out cvs commit
messages.  For the most part, non-developers didn't have much of a
reason to notice that anything changed.

However, we were generating svn-style commit messages internally
within the developer group.  This caused problems with post-commit
discussions being fragmented and sometimes unintentionally not being
publicly visible.

To complete the transition process, I'm turning off cvs-style commit
messages for the "src" tree entirely.  The only commit messages will
be svn-style.  The cvs-src list will no longer get commit messages
(and will go away), and cvs-all will no longer get "src" commit
messages.  (cvs-all will still get ports, projects, doc etc commits).

In a brave attempt to try and make this transparent to end users, I
put on my peril sensitive sunglasses and copied the cvs-all and
cvs-src list members over to svn-src-all.

I realize this breaks POLA and will cause some confusion for a short
while, but it was the only practical way I could think of to get the
switch-over done as quickly as possible.  I apologize in advance for
any problems I've caused to any of you.

In a nutshell, the effects you'll see are:
* New envelope sender address
* different email headers (cvs* become svn*)
* Some of you had your subscription set to 'nomail' - this was NOT
preserved.  Sorry!
* If you had custom list passwords, they were not preserved either.
* Some of you were subscribed to cvs-all in digest, but cvs-src in
individual messages.  Since the two were merged, where there was a
conflict you'll get 'individual' email, not 'digest'.
* obviously the email format you get will be different.  If you've got
filters or scripts parsing email, I'm sorry I broke them.
* commit messages include diffs!  Email messages can be quite a bit bigger.

Please note that we have several sub-lists.  You may well want to
unsubscribe from svn-src-all@ and chose sub-lists instead.

A summary of the new lists:

svn-src-all            SVN commit messages for the entire src tree
(except for "user" and "projects")
svn-src-head    SVN commit messages for the src tree for head/-current
svn-src-projects        SVN commit messages for the src "projects" tree
svn-src-release         SVN commit messages for releases in the src tree
svn-src-releng  SVN commit messages for the release engineering /
security commits to the src tree
svn-src-stable  SVN commit messages for all the -stable branches of the src tree
svn-src-stable-6        SVN commit messages for only the 6-stable src tree
svn-src-stable-7        SVN commit messages for only the 7-stable src tree
svn-src-stable-other    SVN commit messages for the old stable src trees
svn-src-user    SVN commit messages for the experimental "user" src tree
svn-src-vendor  SVN commit messages for the vendor work area tree

For example.. you may only wish to get commit mail for the 7-stable
branch.  You can do that now.

-releng commits are for release engineering and security errata commits.
-release commits are when release tags get created.
-user and -projects are for work-in-progress areas that are NOT part
of the src tree yet.  -projects are for WIP that is intended to be
committed. -user is for experimental work that might or might not ever
be committed to the base src tree.

Again, apologies for the POLA violation.

Peter Wemm - peter at wemm.org; peter at FreeBSD.org; peter at yahoo-inc.com; KI6FJV
"All of this is for nothing if we don't go to the stars" - JMS/B5
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