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M. Warner Losh imp at
Mon May 26 22:22:25 UTC 2008

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            Peter Jeremy <peterjeremy at> writes:
: On 2008-May-25 19:59:55 +0000, John Birrell <jb at> wrote:
: >The last time I checked, the sun4v port wouldn't even boot on my T2000,
: >so I have to ask if there is anyone who even knows that. Or cares.
: I can't justify a whole T2000 for FreeBSD but I have sliced a small
: logical domain with the intent of running FreeBSD in it.  Unfortunately,
: whilst FreeBSD will boot, it doesn't recognize either the (virtual)
: disk or network - which sort of limits progress.
: Note that Sun has previously stated the a T2000 can simultaneously run
: Solaris, Linux and FreeBSD.  I think it would be a pity if the Project
: dropped sun4v.

I think it would be too, but if the collective will drops sun4v it
would be because the developer community hasn't done the proper care
and feeding of the architecture and it has died on the vine.


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