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M. Warner Losh imp at
Mon May 26 02:01:05 UTC 2008

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            Robert Watson <rwatson at FreeBSD.ORG> writes:
: On Sun, 25 May 2008, John Birrell wrote:
: >  Remove sun4v from the list of arches in 'make universe'. There has been
: >  no active development on it for over a year now and it isn't
: >  reliable under a simple buildworld. Developers can't be expected to
: >  test code targeted for it.
: Having an architecture in make universe isn't about making the code work, it's 
: about encouraging the code to remain compilable even though most developers 
: don't actually work with the architecture.  Sun4v is arguably our most 
: edge-case architecture right now, but given that it shares a lot of code with 
: sparc64 and sparc64 is run by a non-trivial number of people (more than arm?), 
: keeping it compiling hasn't proven very difficult.  And recent universe 
: breakage has often-as-not been in i386 and amd64, not sun4v.
: Is there something in your recent work that prevents sun4v from compiling and 
: hence justifies disabling it entirely, and hence guaranteeing it won't compile 
: in the future because it falls off the "make it compile" radar?  If so, then a 
: policy decision to drop sun4v support may be called for -- but this is 
: something to discuss with the people who added support for the architecture, 
: the release engineering team, etc, and not to make unilaterally.

Yes.  It may be the right decision, but it needs to be properly
"socialized" before pulling the trigger.


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