cvs commit: src/usr.bin/cpio Makefile bsdcpio.1 cmdline.c config_freebsd.h cpio.c cpio.h cpio_platform.h err.c matching.c matching.h pathmatch.c pathmatch.h src/usr.bin/cpio/test Makefile main.c test.h test_0.c test_basic.c test_format_newc.c ...

Tim Kientzle kientzle at
Mon May 26 18:50:45 UTC 2008

> ... are there any performance comparison done?

I've not explicitly compared performance to GNU cpio,
but it should be quite competitive.  (Some recent
tests show bsdtar to be pretty much on par with GNU
tar and star performance-wise and bsdcpio is using
the exact same libarchive back-end.)  If anyone does
take the time to compare performance, I'd be very
interested in the results.

> some exciting features (like format-auto-detection with
> bsdtar the other day)?

The format auto-detection is fully handled in libarchive so,
yes, bsdcpio should have very solid format detection, including
automatic handling of archives compressed with compress,
gzip, and bzip2.  I've also enabled "support_compression_all",
so bsdcpio reads every format that libarchive reads.


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