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Colin Percival cperciva at
Mon May 26 18:33:16 UTC 2008

Tim Kientzle wrote:
>> I'm looking forward to when we can ... have libarchive
>> be the One True Archiver  which is exposed
>> to userland via three different front-ends.
> Actually, a lot more than three: Besides tar, cpio, pax,
> ar, and unzip, there are packaging tools, file browsers,
> and other utilities that are making use of libarchive.

Yes, including my tarsnap encrypted online backup service. :-)

What I really meant was "three different general-purpose
archiving/dearchiving tools in the base system".  I wasn't
counting ar since I've never seen it used for anything
except libraries, and I wasn't counting unzip since we
don't have a corresponding zip utility in the base system.

Colin Percival

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