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Kevin Oberman oberman at
Mon Jun 23 22:35:02 UTC 2008

> Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 00:20:26 +0300
> From: Mike Makonnen <mtm at>
> Kevin Oberman wrote:
> >> This ends the bulk of the commits to reduce console-spamming by rc.d 
> >> during bootup. It should greatly improve the signal-to-noise ratio on 
> >> your console :-). I've been running these changes for a while without 
> >> problems, but if I've missed something or you think a script should be 
> >> more (or less) verbose, please let me know.
> >>     
> >
> > Thanks, Mike! This will help a lot.
> >
> > If I missed it, I apologize, but are there plans to MFC these changes to
> > RELENG_7 or RELENG6? 
> >   
> Yes, I plan to MFC it unless there are strong objections. Although I haven't
> committed it yet, there will be a knob to enable the previous verbose mode.
> Obviously it will default to OFF in -current, but I'm thinking of defaulting
> it to ON on RELENG_{6,7} for POLA reasons.

Excellent on all counts. I agree with the POLA issue and defaulting to
the current behavior although I suspect most everyone will opt for the
quiet output in short order and the current rc stuff often is just
noise to most users and not really useful, even for those who understand
most of it.

I consider this and the recent work on the FAQ bu Gabor Pali to be real
wins for OS friendliness and approachability for those without BSD
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