svn commit: r179946 - head/etc

Mike Makonnen mtm at
Mon Jun 23 21:14:58 UTC 2008

Kevin Oberman wrote:
>> This ends the bulk of the commits to reduce console-spamming by rc.d 
>> during bootup. It should greatly improve the signal-to-noise ratio on 
>> your console :-). I've been running these changes for a while without 
>> problems, but if I've missed something or you think a script should be 
>> more (or less) verbose, please let me know.
> Thanks, Mike! This will help a lot.
> If I missed it, I apologize, but are there plans to MFC these changes to

Yes, I plan to MFC it unless there are strong objections. Although I haven't
committed it yet, there will be a knob to enable the previous verbose mode.
Obviously it will default to OFF in -current, but I'm thinking of defaulting
it to ON on RELENG_{6,7} for POLA reasons.


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