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Alexander Leidinger netchild at
Sun May 28 06:04:26 PDT 2006

Quoting gnn at (Sun, 28 May 2006 11:12:19 +0900):

> Am I allowed to call this a tempest in a teacup?
> There, I just have.
> While I think that there have been some very good points made both
> ways, I believe that since the documentation will be generated only by
> people who are using the system, and will not appear on line, or in a
> manual, that we do not need to worry about this.  It is, IMHO, easier

As Scott already said: it doesn't matter if it is made public or not.
"The bad guys"(TM) will use non-public functions regardless.

And since generating all docs isn't fast (I need several hours to
generate the current ones on my Athlon XP 2200+), it would be nice to
have them online somewhere.

I already have a disclaimer file (attached), I just wait for the "when
this text is included it's ok for me" from those people which worry
about the misuse of the docs.

> to go through and mark things up AFTER we have them visible and so
> visibility should be the first goal.  Since there is, as far as I
> know, no other or better tool for this job I suggest we go with what
> we have and begin to mark things correctly now.  Having everything by
> default internal, IMHO, leaves us just where we were before, lots of
> twisty little APIs all undocumented.
> My $0.02.

I agree.


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/** @mainpage
 * <b>IMPORTANT:</b> This API documentation may contain both functions which
 * are public and functions that are for internal use only. Since we have not
 * reviewed every part of the documentation yet, <i>some internal functions
 * are not marked as such</i>. Until we finish reviewing the API documentation
 * and add appropriate comments to functions which are only for internal use,
 * you should take this into account. In case you want to use a function of
 * this kernel subsystem in another kernel subsystem you should search for
 * precedence of use outside this subsystem. If the function is not used
 * outside this subsystem you should ask on the mailinglists about it, else
 * you risk breaking something.

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